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International Real Estate Network will introduce you to the estate market at a global level. You will find useful information to sell or buy a property and complete listings with contact details for the best estate agents in different countries. You will also find all properties available in the market with descriptions and photographs.

List properties for sale on 1122 international portals

List properties for sale on 1122 international portals

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What to do in case your NIE certificate gets lost

As you may know, the Foreigner Identification Number (Número de identificación extranjero or NIE in Spanish) is indispensable if you want to live in Spain for some time. You will need to present it to Spanish authorities for a vast array of procedures, from renting a car, to buying real estate and paying your taxes. Because of this, it is very important to keep your NIE number certificate safe and sound, so you can avoid unnecessary problems while you´re staying in Spain. (more…)

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Are you going to study in Spain? Read these tips before you go

You are probably already taking care of the final consular preparations and documentation, looking for travel insurance, shopping, gathering information about the nie number and other things you need to know and do. You are probably really nervous as well during the few days before you get on the plane. Read this article and you will find some tips about thing to do before you go.

Make a list

You probably already have one, but you have to adapt it to you, personalize it and always keep it updates. Especially on those final days because you will be constantly remembering things you forgot to buy, people you forgot to see, documents you forgot to make and things you have to do. So write it down to make sure nothing is out of place.

For the trip

Make sure you have all the needed documentation. Have them in a comfortable place, that way you won’t have to go through a lot of things to get them from your bag. Also, take books, a music player or other source of entertainment because it can be a long trip.


In Spain they use euros, try to exchange as much of your local coin as you can so that you don’t have any problems about it once you get there.


Go prepared for any type of weather, take your warmest sweaters for the winter, it can be quite harsh in Spain, but it also has a really hot summer. So take enough clothes so that the weather doesn’t take you by surprise.

Basic information

There are a lot of things you should know before you go: your schedule, time zone difference, legal information and citizenship procedures should you be interested in that later on your trip and other basics thing about the country and its culture and other things you might find important to know.

It shouldn´t be hard for you to find this type of information, with the internet, everything is just a few links and clicks away.

Now you are set to go, pack your bags and check the list take the time needed to make sure you don’t forget anything, plan your goodbyes and start your adventure.

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Selling Property Online

If you are thinking of selling a property or a house, you can bank online to do it. Most of the people who want sell or purchase their property search for it on the net rather than elsewhere. Either searching on exclusive portals or on classified or other similar sources, can offer interesting results. Online ads response is tremendous and dealing will be finishing off within days. The boom of online selling is going high.

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